Quest for metal - moon spends

30k spend for next mood ??..

What are the maximum number of moons one can collect??

90 Red
90 Blue
90 Green
90 Yellow
And basically unlimited gold moons.
Collecting gold moons is crazy, I might end up overspending, without the leaderboard.

How many gold moons did you collected so far ??

@are you facing the same 30-60k for next moon issue as shown in the pic

Yup I have that screen to spend another 30k for a moon.

@Sai_Charan Can you check the amount shown to you in the app? That doesn’t look right.

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It seems now they have fixed it, it is showing moons for every 15k thanks .


Perfect, that’s how it should have been from the start :slight_smile: (4th moon onwards)
Thanks for highlighting this issue to us @Sai_Charan

We got it fixed thanks to you.

@Sai_Manikanta check this out :space_reading:

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I see @Sai_Charan also faced the same issue, which I’m facing right now but issue got resolved to him and not for me :eyes:

Update the app and give it a day or two @Sai_Manikanta it will be fixed…

Hey hi @Sai_Charan thanks for the reply. I have waited till date it was not fixed. @Shawnpinto could you please investigate the issue?

We’ll have a look, @Sai_Manikanta :mag:
I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

Sure @Shawnpinto and I have shared you all the required info as requested. Please check.

@Sai_Manikanta This is right. Not really a bug.
To get the gold moon, it’s 15k increment, not for the base value. What this means is:

1st gold moon - 10k
2nd gold moon - 20k
3rd gold moon - 30k
4th gold moon - 45k
5th gold moon - 60k
6th gold moon - 75k
and so on with 15k increments.

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Ohh got it! I thought it will show 15K separately on the banner after the 3rd moon. Any way thanks for the confirmation @Shawnpinto :handshake:

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No worries :+1:t4:

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