Pro Salary Invite Code πŸ‘€

I just saw this in Application.

What are the features being offered initially? :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


@Shawnpinto could you please tell us what are these google pay invite code and pro salary invite code?


I’m curious too, been curious for a couple of weeks or so.

For the Google pay invite code, in simple terms it provides Zomato pro membership and it also acts as an invite for Jupiter, so that you can create your account.

But if you already have a Jupiter account, and go to settings, and enter the code, you will get an email saying Zomato pro membership will reach your email inbox within 24hr. You will receive another mail with the code after this.

For the Salary invite code, we’ll let you guys know what it’s about, till then stay tuned! No spoilers :slight_smile:


Like I’m already using Jupiter to get Zomato pro do I need to enter my own Invite code? Or Invite code is something else?

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I feared you’d never ask :smiley:

Share your current use case and features that you use on your salary account here


@Imashish Ah so you get the code by winning from a Google Pay scratch card. You can paste that one.

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Kya yaar !!!
Itna secret kya rakhna …:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Koi to hint do thoda bahut

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So I’ll find β€œGoogle pay Invite code” in scratch card of google pay and that will give Zomato pro.

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Anyone received a invite code from gpay scratch card ?

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This will probably be next big offering of Jupiter.
Itna to banta hai!!! :grin:

@sneh.baxi There’s another pinned post but β€œHow about AMAZE US with a never seen before offering? :wink: :wink: :wink:”

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Where did you see it in application?

I want to join in refer partner, what is the joining procedure?

@Bhrip i got Rs.250 from Google Pay Scratch Card.

I just got this Jupiter reward on Google Pay. When applied, it adds 250 Jewels to your Jupiter account :smile:

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If I may ask, how did you get it? :grin:

It’s for some offline UPI QR code scan. Made multiple transactions today :yum:

Does the code work even if we have a Jupiter account set up?

It worked for me. TnC says valid for new users. But I guess that’s not the case. It works if you get the code :stuck_out_tongue:

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