Pots transaction are very confusing

When you auto-deduct money for pots you also create record saying + X amount added.

It’s very confusing to understand in transactions and statement also show weird.

I may not use pots if you continue to show bugs.

I am not sure which is source of truth.

Hello Tarun.

We understand that receiving both debit and credit receipts for your autopay transactions can be confusing. Allow us to provide some clarity on this matter. When funds are deducted from your primary account as part of the autopay setup, you receive a debit receipt to confirm the transaction. Subsequently, when the same amount is successfully deposited into your super pot, a credit receipt is generated to acknowledge the completion of the transaction.

We appreciate your feedback, and we are actively working on enhancing our notification system to make it more intuitive for our users. Your understanding is highly valued, and we apologize for any confusion caused.

Thank you.


Thanks for clarifying team.

can you clearly tell that in the description in the app so that it becomes easier for customer to understand what those records mean right now it’s confusing and and it’s creating trust issues on the product. The messaging is not clear. I’ll ask your product team to clearly specify what transaction is meant for what thing