Possible loophole with super pots

I havent really used pots or learnt about it until today. So I made some pots today and first of all I couldnt really find in depth information on pots, the calculations and as such. Confimed with customer support and this is what I have been told:

  1. The intereest rate will be adjusted to per day basis.
  2. 1% will be deducted from premature breaking of the pot.
  3. No matter wheen I break the pot, I will geet the principal+interest(adjusted to per day).

Now my question is, why would I make New year bash pot with 61 days lock in period with 4%pa interest(adjusted to per day basis), when I can simply make a 6.25% 365 days super pot, and break it whenever I want and get an assured 5% interest (adjusted to per day rate).

Told this to customer support and they agreed with this and told me theyll forward it to their Pots Team.

If there is something im missing from the equation, please let me know. If this is indeed a loophole then why didnt nobody thought of this.

Hey @Chadpitt This is not a loop hole. The interest you get isn’t 5% then.
The interest is calculated basis the lock in period. Example if you saved for 60 days and applicable lock-in interest for the same is 4%. You get a penalty of 1% on that. So comes to 3%.