P2P Lending, Earning Returns

Hey Jupiter! ONE idea Came to My Mind so I think I should have to Share With You 10 Years Ago A P2P Lending Company Came to India With a Vision to make it Big ,First It face Challenges but After So Many Efforts They Are Now Succes with Many Great Partners. SO my questin is When you will bring P2P easy & Conveninent Lending System with a Return of 12% p.a. ???Please Bring it You Are TRUST board to us. PLLZZZZ

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@Chikun_Resilient Jupiter currently partners with Liquiloans which operates in this niche. Given the buzz around their NBFC licence, they could consider offering that option. As of now this is just a speculation.

Also, we can see this in roadmap


Thank you Saurabh for this.

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Which is that company? :eyebrow:
Just curious to know. Because my mind is stuck with MobiKwik after seeing 12% :smiley:

MobiKwik is the one I am aware of. Liquiloans offers 10% with a 24 month lock in option. Fello promises 10% returns with a 7 day lock in option.

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It’s good for short periods, long periods or locking for many days it’s too much risky… You can see there t and c … It’s completely dependent on their loan takers and the recovery agents… If their will be some scam you will lost your whole money… Their was no insurance and security body who will give you the money :slightly_smiling_face: but some famous company like 12 % club, i2i ,