Mobile cheque deposit

One thing I hate in the current banking system is cheque deposits.

A simple mobile imaging feature on mobile apps which enables clicking of cheque photos and sending it for clearing would be a great add on to any bank.

There are some demerits of the same like how do we analyse a fake cheque. Bank have electronic scanner to identify the same. If the same is possible by a mobile camera it will simply many indian lives.

India has not forgotten cheques yet.


Hey Abhishek, that’s a great idea. I have used mobile banking platforms in US and they do have this feature of depositing cheques online. Adds so much convenience indeed! We should definitely explore this feature


I agree… in current retail banking system, probably this is the only left and widely used payment mechansim in india… there are ways and means to handle fake transctions (e.g. taking online auth from issuer OR some other ways apart from electronic scanners) … even though people would have shifted to UPI / NEFT etc but in trade / retail txns, they still use cheques and manytimes for security so it would take some more time to get them completely vanished… .


I haven’t used cheque for like 3 years now. :sweat_smile::speak_no_evil:

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