MAB RELATED : My MAB not properly showing

My MAB not properly showing… I deposited 10k on 14th July… But still mab showing 0… fixed this issue.

MAB - Monthly average balance is the average of Monthly deposited money in your account. You have to wait for the next 1st date of month or 1 month interval to see your average of balance.

No , there was a place, that’s showing how many ammount and days need to maintain ammount… To 10k minimum

Yes, it’s broken.
Till last week (before the latest update), it used to show current MAB and how much more should be added to the balance to maintain the MAB every day.

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@AltafParkar @sani Can anyone of you share a pic of this if possible? If you are using an Android device, try taking a picture from another device. However, iOS devices can take a screenshot directly.

We will need to check this.

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This works now

@AltafParkar Wait, really? :blobthink:
What did you do to remove it? Or did it just disappear on its own?

Thanks for letting us know though.

Please check with the team if it doesn’t calculate on weekends… :wink:


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