Lumpsum investment in Mutual Funds

Is it good always to invest in MF in lumpsum rather than SIP, when we have money with us? I know SIP is always better for good results if we keep intact for long term. I would like to know is there any thing wrong if we invest in lumpsum in MF?

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Meanwhile this Jupiter Blog could be beneficial for you…

I am not an expert on this, but I would go with this tip mentioned under that blog.

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Lumpsum investment is good if you have a lot of cash in hand. But if you are salaried and find it hard to save money, SIP will quietly build a portfolio over time.



SIP and Lump Sum are different ways to invest money in Mutual Funds. While SIP can be an automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly investment (Jupiter Money provides the functionality to do Daily/Weekly No penalty SIPs unlike most of the other investment platforms), a lump sum investment can be done by the investor at any point of time.

For salaried people like us, SIP is a great way to invest regularly in Mutual Funds. It ensures that the investor can cost average their investments over a longer period of time to help them tide over market volatility. SIPs also help us in building a discipline of monthly savings/investments. Having said that, if someone wants to do a lump sum investment, I don’t see any issue with that as long as the investor is investing for the right investment horizon. For an example, investments in equity MFs should ideally be done for atleast 5 years horizon. However, Investments in short term debt funds (Liquid, UST) for building an emergency fund can be done as lump sum investments at any point of time. Hope this clarifies.


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