Jupiter On Onecode

I’m watching Jupiter On OneCode from Last 2-3 if I refer Jupiter to my friends and family they will provide Flat Rs.300 On Account Opening and Investment.

So why could I use Jupiter Official Refer & Earn Program?

What do you prefer Jupiter Official Refer & Earn or Onecode Refer & Earn?

Let me know your thoughts below👇


A flat cashback referral program is better.


As OneCode Provide 300 flat and 5% TDS deduction. Where if you refer a friend/family and you will get 50% off of their debit card cashback for 3 months. So here with official you are getting 250*3 = 750rs. Ofcourse your friends/family need to spend then only you will get refer amount.

Decide which is best sir ?

Onecode is better than Jupiter :smirk:

Because People are not too much interested in Jupiter. And Jupiter has lot of hidden TnC in background which you don’t know.

Can you please let me know hidden t&c which i Don’t know. As you already knows. It will be help ful to me for referring friends.

The TnC will be shown in the app you find it out.