Jupiter charges

@Jiten Look as you’re burning money :moneybag:
Then you should also brun money so that your customers are stay with you .

Otherwise Total Jupiter system will be broken.

If anyone have to maintain MAB there are many other’s bank with 10x more advantages, pre approved Cc and loan , physical Branch , RM support etc …
Why would they use Jupiter??

Now Provide us enough time so that We can close our account ( without charge)

@Jiten will not reply now, nor will any of the staff of Jupiter. The issue is that Jupiter should clarify its own stance regarding the charges. The partner bank, which is Federal Bank, has already sent mail to the customer, and Jupiter is not aware of anything about it. Such a communication gap between the two entities isn’t expected, whereas Jupiter promoted itself as a tech-savvy platform at first. Moreover, they are accustomed to making guinea pigs out of the customers. There is no proper support mechanism

@Shawnpinto @Jiten please clarify/update on this matter, it’s almost june

If anyone truly want a proper savings account, it’s advisable to deposit the funds in a bank with a physical branch nearby, as essential services like cash and cheque deposits, photo and signature attestation, etc., may not be available otherwise. Private banks such as IDFC, HDFC, ICICI, IndusInd, Kotak Mahindra, etc., offer various types of accounts with so many benefits that can be opened both offline and online. Additionally, the Jupiter debit card itself is not visible in internet banking or mobile banking. What more do you expect?

In India, banks are required to disclose all the terms and conditions of an account, including minimum average balance (MAB) requirements, before opening it. If a bank advertised an account as zero maintenance but later mandated a minimum balance requirement, you can potentially file a consumer complaint with the Banking Ombudsman.
The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is a grievance redressal mechanism established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate the resolution of complaints against banks. Here’s how you can file a complaint:

  • Gather documentary evidence such as account opening documents, bank statements, and any communication from the bank about the zero-maintenance account.
  • File a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman online or through a designated branch. The complaint should clearly state the issue, the bank’s name and branch, and the relief sought.
  • The Banking Ombudsman will investigate your complaint and try to reach a settlement with the bank. If a settlement is not reached, the Ombudsman will issue a binding award.

Please anyone Provide documents for first Jupiter promise
If we all can complain to RBI then the ice can be melt

@Jiten @Shawnpinto You have to give us updates…
Whatsoever your decisions please up to date us …

So that We can take decisions :thinking: whatever to continue with Jupiter or not …

I don’t find any better deal to use Jupiter as a 5K AMB account,
Hdfc with same 5K account gives us lot as compared to you …

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Suggest for you and other folks, who can’t provide us any economic value or don’t see any real value in the platform, to leave the platform. We are fine with it. No need to threaten as we anyway may not like such users. You don’t have any contract with us to stay with the platform.

With respect to charges, our team will provide update, once it is being agreed with the partner bank w.r.t AMB amount or respective charge, if any.


If you’re platform can’t provide us with economic value or meet our needs, leaving is a reasonable option. Ignoring users who express concerns may indicate a lack of dedication to improvement and user satisfaction. There’s no contract binding us here, but platforms should listen feedback and engagement of a consumer.

As for charges, timely and transparent communication regarding agreements with your partner bank about AMB amounts or other charges is crucial for maintaining trust and clarity towards consumers.


It’s not maintenance of AMB , I Already have more than 5K in my Jupiter…

But the problem is in your approach and gratitude against the customer. A FOUNDER should always be customer centric, coz you’re running a service based platform. You have to take consideration of customer’s convenience.

Today is the last day of May , your notification should come within today.

If its the attitude towards us one day Jupiter will become Neo bank to no Bank.
If you do not have enough confident then do a good course on positive attitude.

Banking in india is a cutting edge market you have to be on time always.


This is a bit concerning everyone.


Your platform should clearly mention all the necessary details so that customers who are not getting proper service can easily close their accounts. The closing process isn’t as easy as you may think, as many customers have trusted your platform and added their accounts in demat, SIP, etc.

Moreover, has anyone heard that after opening a zero-balance account in some ABC Bank, they converted it to a higher variant in which you should maintain a balance of Rs 5,000/10,000? Such malpractice should be stopped asap. Even my account, which I opened with Federal, is still zero balance. If your communication with Federal Bank isn’t good, why have you promised a zero balance account, debit card, etc.? It seems like just a marketing gimmick, as you treat the customers as your lab guinea pig

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Exactly! Moreover, @Jiten, we are not constantly tagging you because we can’t provide Jupiter with any ‘economic value.’ From what I’ve seen, many of us here in the community already have the pro or salary variant of the account. The issue lies in your communication. We trusted Jupiter because it provided a certain value to us: the fact that we don’t have to worry about maintaining any balance, even in unforeseen circumstances. That was our entire agreement. If you’re backtracking on that, we at least expect transparent communication and a way to cut ties for free. A month is about enough time to keep us in limbo, don’t you think?


@Jiten We can we expect Your revised notification about AMB and other changes…??

Look I have 5X of Your MAB but I’m concerned about how much Jupiter provide me value …

Closing a/c will take time for me , I have to remove your QR from my business, Stop SIP , sell Digital Gold , Break FD and lots more …

If you think that being careless is cool then India is not for you …
Each of the customer should be valuable to you , You have to serve everyone each time .

And as Should respect our constitution, RBI guidelines all the time , Everyone is now well versed with Ombudsman, and other consumer forums…

Please discuss with Bank and with your investors and notify us as soon as possible… Remember Customer are like God in India …

Respect us so that you can grow your business and new ventures in future as well. it’s all about Customer satisfaction and feedback.

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@Jiten You’re the CEO, Right? Thn please maintain the decency atleast. The arrogance that you show, being the CEO of Jupiter, to your customers, here on this community, will take you nowhere.

Be polite while interacting with your customers. Customers can and will say anything and everything to you and the services of Jupiter. You, on the other hand, can’t. Maintain your place.

I was shocked to see that reply in the Jupiter community summary that I received today. It’s very disappointing to see a CEO resort to such a level. It compelled me to login and go through the thread to understand what’s happening.

My experience has been that the team is all ears for praises and appreciation. I make sure to specially appreciate good service because they deserve it. But, when things go bad and there’s criticism, you are dealt with radio silence or any lack of support.


So, Mr CEO, is that the way neo banks function? Seven days have passed, and still no update from you or any of your staff. Please reply properly and behave politely with the customers here in the community.

Otherwise, I’ll personally register a complaint against you with the proof I’ve gathered regarding Jupiter’s fake promises and false claims, to the Reserve Bank of India and the Finance Ministry of India

Still no update?

@Jupiter-support-help @Jiten That is what we have been saying. We should be able to close the account without charges.

We don’t care if you want us on the platform or not, we have no obligation to provide you any “economic value”. We didn’t tell you to start this fraud company, and you’re not doing anyone a favour by offering this platform.

So keep your attitude to yourself.

It has been over 6 weeks since Federal Bank sent the email to customers, and there is not a single email from your fraud company clarifying your stance on the matter. Whereas we would have expected you to take ownership of the problem and communicate clearly and professionally before customers started complaining.

Getting some moolah from investors and calling yourself a CEO apparently doesn’t teach people any leadership skills.

And one last thing, your so-called platform is not Indralok or Swargalok. People will gladly leave it once their account is closed. Then you and your investors can play gulli danda on your precious platform, for all we care.