Is investing in Mutual funds live in Jupiter app?

It’s live @hemanthchandra62 :slight_smile:
I’m guessing you clicked on a fund and then One Time. A T&C screen shows up after.
You need to click on continue and then additional details will be asked.

Is this part not showing up?
Also make sure you have the latest app version!

I am using latest app.

Yes. I clicked on a fund and then One Time. Not getting any T&C page.

Even SIP button not working.

I tried with different funds and it is the same issue.

@hemanthchandra62 Got it. We’ll check why you’re not able to proceed after clicking on a fund. I’ll let you know if anything is needed.

Thanks for letting us know though :slight_smile:

@hemanthchandra62 The team must have connected with you. Were you able to click on the buttons in Mutual funds? :eyebrow:

Yes. They onboarding me and I am able to transact now.

Thank you.

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@hemanthchandra62 Nice! Now that you can explore further, try out the feature.
Share your feedback on our lab test thread for investments here - Lab test #3 - Investments on Jupiter (Early release and testing)💰


I need your help on this:

I have uploaded my mutual fund portfolio CAS statement (has done outside Jupiter app) to the app and you are showing the current valuation and the analysis around it.

I don’t want all those details to be displayed in the app any more.

I don’t see an option to remove it… how can I do that ?

Sure! We’ll help you out.
We’ll connect with you again and guide you from there :slight_smile:

Cool :+1::+1:

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I also want to get it removed

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So, the info that I got from them is that they don’t have any option to remove. I asked them to have an option to remove.

They said they will explore to have an option to hide.

But, I should have option to remove as I don’t want :frowning:

Me also not able to proceed further after clicking any of the monthly sip or one time button

@Aniket_Nangare Strange. We need to have a look at it.
Hemanth faced the same thing earlier but it was fixed after the update.

You’ve shared your details with me (During Jupiter labs registrations), we’ll check and get back to you.

It was not fixed after update. Your team internally got my KYC details from relevant KYC authority and after that they enabled the investments option. May be, same has to be done for him as well.

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Ah! Got it, we’ll need to do that. Thanks for the update friend. @hemanthchandra62

@Shawnpinto I’ve a query regarding Jupiter investment kyc process. For investment account, do Jupiter use the same info as the bank account or fresh kyc is done ?


Thank you for asking.

Right now the platform is open for existing Mutual Funds users. This means that if you have been onboarded on any mutual fund app, we fetch that KYC information details from the KYC KRA database, so you don’t have to go through the lengthy KYC process again.

I hope that answers your doubt. Feel free to ask more. :smile:

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recently onboarded in the investments platform, feel few things need to be added in the account details section.
it definitely should have the Mutual Fund facilities provider name - like is it BSE Star MF, NSE MFSS or something else ?
secondly, it should have complete kyc information pulled from the KRA - not just the mobile no and email id, otherwise how would we know that it came alright as there’s always a possibility of a glitch happening somewhere!

Hi @Krishnendu_Chowdhury,
Thanks for sharing your suggestions.
I am not entirely sure what the facility provider info solves for the customer and how it would help them take a decision.
Right now, we have built the rails directly with the AMCs via the RTAs (sorry for using jargons but assuming you’d understand as the question you asked is fairly detailed) and there are multiple reasons for that but customer experience being the top one.
KYC: We fetch the entire information of the user but show the most relevant items. Once we have it live for non-SEBI onboarded users, we will take up modification of KYC as well.

AMC (Asset Management Company ~ Mutual Fund Company)
RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agents ~ CAMS + Karvy)



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