India’s Gaming Industry Might Shut Down

There’s no cheat codes that can help gamers out of this one :video_game:


Dude dont follow the mainstream media. Anything consumed in excess is not good. Its already contributing to the economy and employing many people out there. If this is a waste of money, why did the government not ban on the first day itself. This industry is already there for the last 10 years.


Need more tax imposed in gambling games :rofl:

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Well games definition includes the gambling games like the dream 11

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GST council indicated that they may review the GST rate as per the “demand elasticity” i.e. if transactions would decrease dramatically then they may decrease the GST rate otherwise 28% will be the norm on all gambling and casino spends.

I personally feel, 28% rate on the total amount instead of just on profit amount will push the entire ecosystem underground.


Well no one going to earn from gambling anyway.

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I’m more interested in he news below that.

Would disagree. If having a skin makes you happy, and it is not hurting your day to day life then i think it is worth it.