In which state is the Jupiter app most used?

In which state is the Jupiter app most used in India?

Solid state :frog:

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I am waiting for the real answer :zap:

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Any data about Kerala? Federal being a popular bank here :eyes:


Headlines: :grinning:

Jupiter Journey of मैसूर से मशहूर

I chose this platform only because Jupiter money’s banking partner is Federal Bank .Because I come from Kerala, the branch of the Federal Bank is very close to my house


@Febin_Shad Same here… I have used federal bank before and branches are near. I am from Kerala too

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Sad but We don’t have much federal branches
Even the main area of south kolkata federal don’t have any branch but HDFC Kotak SBI ICICI SFB Banks are leading atleast they have 5-6 Branch in same area

But Federal bank branch people are very helpful.

Karnataka bank branch people says (Anna) which is very sweet


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@Manik Does that means ordinary account people will lose their 1% cashback on debit purchases🤔?

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I think in Bihar , there’ll be 4-5 Federal Bank Branch only. Unfortunately there’s no branch near to me :smiley:.




I was in Kolkata for a month. There are a ton of Federal Bank adverts stuck there but I couldn’t find any Branches nor a ATM near me.

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Nope, Both Pro and Basic will have the same 150 Jewels cashback per month on Debit Card and 100 on UPI now.

What? You didn’t find the branch? It was in New Market side. Federal bank CEO and MD studied in IIM Kolkata how he will not open a branch in Kolkata? :joy:?

I visited New Market branch they employees are very helpful they helped me to do KYC

Dalhousie Kolkata is the Hub Of Banks. Multinational bank such as HSBC SCB all are there. Including SBI,Axis,Bandhan,Kotak,HDFC,Boi,ICIcI…!

If you visit Kolkata once again make sure you come to Dalhousie.

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