Ilegal use of Jupiter

Hello Team,

YouTuber is sharing ilegal links of Jupiter like how to install Jupiter without Early Access and I could like to inform @Jiten please check it.

I have already texted @sneh.baxi on his whatsapp regarding this.

But what’s illegal here ? Is that method will get someone free money ?

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Why do you mean?

They are working from almost 1 year in this project and they have launch a Early Program so users can sign up for early program not doing iilegal work.

And I’m not talking about Free Money

I don’t feel like it’s illegal , if someone able to join without early access then it’s a win win for both the customer and bank !
And if he likes it definitely he will stay forever and hence cross sell can happen in future ! I see a benefit.
Rest @Jiten can pitch in .

Hey @CarolinMerces thanks for bringing this to our notice!

But be assured, we have built systems where people who have registered on the firstlist can access Jupiter currently :slight_smile:


You are welcome🙂 I know you working hardy to give us best and & better experiance.