If non-pro..... What

Does Jupiter worth it btw?

Are you a student (non-pro)

  • Yes, I am a student
  • No, but a non-pro
  • Salaried pro
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If student, are you from Metro, Urban, semi-urban, rural city.

If you are a student, fo you earn side pocket income. If yes how?


I do free lance website making.


Wow! This is interesting to know… Students are 60% (ofcourse out of a small dataset of 5).

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There is two ways of my side income as a student-
1st. I am a private tutor, i have total 8 students.
2nd. Mobile, DTH recharge, online form fill up, electricity bill payments, pan card apply etc.

And I have pro account, thanks to my scholarship.


Student, with non pro. Side income by referring, recharges etc and tutoring soon.

Jupiter is not stood on my expectations as I am a non salary person.

What do YoU think about Jupiter worthness in your day to day life?

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For me , since I’m a Student it’s not worth using Jupiter anymore because there are no offers for students…even offers on brand vouchers have been devalued. Besides we have to give DC Charges as well even if we were promised that DC is LTF. Besides that how many transactions you do , you aren’t going to receive credit card. And there are Problems such as Account Freeze , Rekyc etc.

I’ve account in HDFC where I’ve to maintain 5k but at least I get cash back of 400 every month just by wallet reloading & will easily get credit card in some time. And I haven’t visited branch a single time & if needed to visit branch, it can be solved from any branch.

I know I don’t know everything good about Jupiter & there will be some people replying to correct me. But it’s what I know & every person may have different opinions. So I will be closing my Jupiter account soon.


Also we students aren’t their main target customers as told by CEO because I read somewhere in this Community….so don’t expect anything more from them


Thanks for your views, I agree with you 100%. (Btw Jupiter community is best and free speech available)

I also closing my account soon with Jupiter!

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Ya…for me, just community & App is Good…Besides that it’s nothing especially for students

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Btw u r first time user. Welcome

@Thaddeus I agree with you. Students may not find Jupiter useful anymore. Jupiter’s target demographic is changing as the company moves their focus from growth to profitability.

But I would request @JupiterTeam and @Jiten to bring some offers/incentives for students… Considering students will be the future salary account holders of Jupiter.

Present day Students could be the future flag bearers of Jupiter. Also they are going to be the growth demographic.

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Thanks for greeting….BUT Actually I’m following this community from last year but I just used to read & now after reading this thread, I thought I need to say something as well. So I made this account
& thanks for starting this thread


Only prominent and renowned institution students can get benifits. Jupiter is for business not for charity.

On recharge of 249 i get 1 rs as cashback (5jewels)
credit after complaint.

Offers and cashback are the lead role player in customer acquisition.

Link here

There was a talk of depositing regular Cashflows into Jupiter account to make the account a salary account. I think it’s in pause now.

Maybe Jupiter can bring it into action faster.

Yes. I understand even that maybe a challenge as I think the requirement discussed was Rs.25000 deposit every month. Which may not be feasible for the majority of students.

But at least it’s a starting point and maybe with student verification, the limit could be reduced to Rs. 5000 a month to include the majority as well.

why 5000 every month if I get account open in the HDFC with 5000 MAB.

One of the Bharat most reputed Bank.
HDFC also gives the prominent offers and cashback of the industry.

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You don’t get the great UI/UX with HDFC. Also you don’t get the chance to shape the app like Jupiter through the community.

Having said that, it’s your choice. :smiley:

It’s not about good choice and bad choice. It’s her choice (lol). silly joke. Btw some (some means most of) prefer offers and cashback and discounts on purchasing goods (more often students will) than UI. But this is the only best fintech community on the internet. So lot of respect to the Jupiter community besides the App and everything else.


Ya….But you can ultimately shape UI of App But ultimately it works on the principles of federal bank. Ui is just for show off.

You should yourself think that most people even salaried persons want credit card for Cashback mainly. I don’t know what I will do with ui.

Besides if you build a good relationship with any Private bank then they can give you pre approved credit card even if you are student without FD which I assume Jupiter can’t do.Anyway everyone has different opinions. Thanks


Users either salaried or self employed using the account for personal use, bring in business by way of balance, fixed deposits, investments that generates revenue for Jupiter. While someone may jump up that mutual funds are direct mutual funds are direct mutual funds and hence Jupiter is not making money on them, it contributes towards the facilitating AUM for Mutual funds which helps build credibility within the investment circles. Students (while this may pinch) may not be able to drive that kind of business.