How Monzo raised £20 Million from 36,000 of it's users | Jupiter Primetime

In this episode of Primetime, Jiten interacts with the CEO of Monzo, TS Anil.

Monzo isn’t just a neobank - it’s the poster child for neo banking across the world.
Get insights on how they view monetization, built a faithful community of 4 Mn+ users and much more
Timestamps ahead.

00:00 Jiten’s Introduction
01:25 T. S. Anil Introduction
02:35 Why T.S. Anil joined Monzo?
06:05 T. S. Anil Interview questions
09:00 Day in the life of T. S. Anil
11:30 Reason for the relaunch of Monzo+
14:45 Monetization in Neobanking
19:50 Neobank as a primary account?
23:00 Why people love Monzo?
27:30 Challenging times at Monzo
34:00 Advice for Neobank founders?
38:10 Metrics to look at?
40:00 Rapid fire
48:00 Audience questions

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