How many of you had a Piggy Bank? 🐷💰

Piggy bank could technically be your first savings account as a child :sweat_smile:
How many of you had one or still keep one around?

  • I have a Piggy Bank! :pig::moneybag:
  • Just broke one recently :hammer:
  • Never had one :pensive:

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How often would you drop a coin in your Piggy bank and when did you break it?
If you ask me, I had a jar when I was a kid. I’d drop all my spare change (coins) into it. Broke it after a year :grimacing:

Let us know if you had a Piggy bank and how you’ve used it :v:


During my childhood, my mother used to save money for me. All those scholarships I receive will be given to my mother :joy: (I had no proper bank account those days) . Parents used to borrow from that and on returning the money, gave me extra money. Like 10rs extra for 100rs taken :sweat_smile:. (It had better returns than FD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Now it’s jupiter pots. I buy things with CC and the same amount will be transferred to pots. I stopped handling money offline except for the 100rs for emergency .


The piggy bank we 90’s Kids had :rofl:

This is the one I had during early 2000s.

The one my sister has. (2K kid :rofl:)

My Parents used to borrow from the money which I get during those Eid days as a child, but never gets it returned. Moreover, they take my 100 rupee note and give me back three 10 rupee notes saying you have more money now …earlier it was only one, now its three (that was the first ever money scam I ever experienced):rofl: :rofl: @Aswin_Benny

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Never had one. My folks preferred a bank account - a recurring deposit, to save money for me or in my name.


Same here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Yes, I had a piggy bank during my childhood. Although I broke it few years ago, I still have all the money I saved. I can’t bring myself to spend it because I feel a strong emotional attachment to it.

We still use a box as piggy bank where everyone from family save any coins we get.


I had a kiddy bank which has SBI painted on it and I was made to believe that only SBI would have it’s keys.
And had a puppy house too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This one right here :rofl:

I still have it though. Will pass it on to my kids in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nostalgic value… They will appreciate it.