Hi I’m Chirag and I lead Savings & Investments at Jupiter

While my roots are in Nagpur (and extend further back to Rajasthan), I grew up in Bangalore and count myself as a South Indian for all practical purposes. I’d happily take Masala dosa + Filter coffee for breakfast any-day. :yum:

The importance of building a steady corpus to meet life goals cannot be overstated.

However, the involvement (or lack of) of one’s bank account towards that goal often surprises me. Here’s an example from the not-so-distant past :
E.g. In March 2020, the markets fell 40% from their January peak. Uncertainty & fear was at a high, there were a bunch of pressing questions:

  1. Should I sell my mutual funds and cut my losses?
  2. Is this a buying opportunity for stocks?
  3. How do I manage investments if my income gets impacted?

In all of this, your bank account, the base for all the ins and outs of your money, where you’ve had a relationship for years, had almost nothing to say.
Bank accounts seem to have become “store-houses” with limited intelligence. The analogy of telecom operators being relegated to becoming “dumb-pipes” with magic happening on smartphone & apps comes to mind.

What magic would you like to see a smart bank account do to power your savings & investments? Would love to hear your suggestions and co-create kick-ass products!:hugs::handshake:

P.S.: We just launched our first co-created product - An automated mutual funds Portfolio analyser. We’re already building the next version and rewarding those who’re helping us Co-Create.


i dont if someone else might have already suggested the below in some form or the other. But this is what i would love to see from a futuristic bank.

There are numerous studies which were conducted by behavioral scientists to explain the concept of mental accounting and how the digital version of the money inevitably makes us spend more as we dont do a good job at partitioning for different categories when we are spending through cards or through online. This is not the case when we are spending cash.
so, i as an user would like to see a feature which allows me to create multiple buckets and divide my balance among them. And the balance should come down in (say, food) a particular bucket when i swipe the card or scan an upi ( realise that it is though, but yeah there can be an option for the user to correct if classified wrong). May be there should be a push notification once the balance goes down in a particular bucket and i try swiping for the same category. This way users can be more aware about what they are spending.
once the month is over, may be you can sweep the different buckets to invest in a flexible fd.

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Top suggestion, Ratna!

Putting to life different mental models to make managing money easier is how we’re thinking about the problem too. Saving shouldn’t be excessively will-power based - smart constructs like what you’ve suggested can help users get more aware, making it easier to save up for all the things one loves!