Hi! I am Sindhu, Just freshly joined the Growth Gang

Hey Friends!

I was told that this is an amazing community. I can absolutely see that. :slight_smile: My name is Sindhu Biswal. Born and brought up in a small city called - Cuttack in Odisha. Lived and worked in Noida, Mumbai and now Bangalore (loving the city)

I have led growth teams at multiple startups like - Betterhalf, PayTm Insider, FilterCopy, Dice Media.

My alter ego - Brewing my own coffee, Music Composer, Philosopher, Shayar…

Super excited to be a part of this vibrant clan!


If you are being held hostage, blink twice.

lol! not yet!


He’s not the one building dark mode! Spare him :see_no_evil:

The one who’s working on it is safe.

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Aye. For now.