Health Insurance + OPD

While health insurance is a neccessity, not every insurance company provides for Out Patient Expenses.

And for most of us most of the time it is out patient medical expenses.

Having kids and the rate at which the premium hospitals like Cloud Nine & Rainbow are increasing their consultation fees year on year or sometimes in 6 months, it is becoming a financial burden.

Are there any good insurance plans that cover OPD expenses?

Does anyone have experience with new age insurance fintechs like Even, Acko?

There was a recent article on the same…

I do understand that OPD being a frequent occurrence for any household, it is not a profitable business for the insurance companies. But are there any companies using it to their advantage?

Any suggestions/information on this would help a lot.

I recently tried Even. Their rejection rate is pretty high. I was trying to move my wife’s personal mediclaim and we declared that she was recently diagnosed with high BP and she has an hairline fracture 10 years back. We thought there would be a waiting period. But we were rejected

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