Google pay invite

What is this “Google pay invite” and “Enter coupon code” ? In app settings.


You can apply code which was received in Google Pay and get 150 jewels


can anyone share a spare code with me :slight_smile:

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I tried by its saying as invalid.

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Where you find the code

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Are u taking about Google pay referral code right?


No, i am not talking about Gpay referral code.

It is a code which is received from scratch card and it’s looks like this

lol :pensive:

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Never seen one.

In previous year Jupiter collaboration with gpay, which results after some payment gpay gives you a scratch card voucher, which have a unique refer code for Jupiter signup, which gives you 150 or 250 jewels, as a referral bonus…

It’s gpay reference code… Same thing maybe still running in gpay maybe :thinking: i don’t see this now days, but Jupiter not remove this…

But nowdays Jupiter runs multiple ad campaign :joy: in YouTube, amazing pay , Google, in tv , websites… But their is no reward for first signup maybe

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:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: i also got many coupons of kotak 811 previously with 250 and 275 welcome bonus on gpay but at that time i have never opened one now missing them :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Same i received after opening the account :joy: for me that time ots worthless