Generate payment links

Option to create a web page for given amount (like how paytm business app has)
Page should have UPI payment option (which contains User defined remarks)
It’ll be easier to filter transactions

For example if you take tuition and accept rent
On link generation page there should be two categories (Rent and tuition)
Under rent ,generate a link with remarks as “ABC ltd” and amount 1000rs
Send link on to sender. On receipt send a notification
It’ll be easier to filter out txns (It won’t have random remarks) and sharing link feels more comfortable than sharing VPA


Hi Sathwik!

Welcome to the community! Interesting to share a link, but wouldn’t a collect request on UPI work better. Which is built for the same use case

Wanted to understand better about your hesitation with sharing the VPA

To use Request on UPI network you need to know sender’s VPA. It’s usually annoying to explain it to the sender how to get their VPA,Entering it and sending request
Alternative is to send them VPA, but copy pasting is annoying
Also sending payment link looks professional
Paytm business has this feature and also supports payments from debit card / netbanking

This feature looks good. I hope it will be implemented @sneh.baxi

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