Features to be implemented into POT

Hi There,

In the POT section I wanted 2 new features to be added.

  1. Remarks/Narration
    We can remember or put some reasons, for what this POT is being created? Every month after getting my Salary I divide my money into different POTs for Budget management. If I have a Remarks option in the POT, then I can mention some of my own thought like : Disburse date : XX/XX/XX, or Break the POT on XX Date etc…

  2. Rename the POT
    Once the POT is created, there’s no way to change the name rather Create a New one, which is kinda inconvenient, instead Renaming the existing one should do the job.

Hope things work out as per the expectation.


@VISHAL.VODRO This is an interesting idea! I’ll share this with the pots team. We’ll think about this.

Thanks dear,

Hope it gets implemented…

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