Extra Jewels on Referral

What about this one, i have received today via notification.

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I received this too but when i opened the refer and earn tab. this wasnt there…

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Same here

@Sai_Charan @Satyajit_Singh Strange. What did you guys see on the Refer and earn tab? :eyebrow:

Same as before referral system like 300 jewels for first spending on Debit card

So it’s:

  • 300j on first DC spend
  • 500j when a friend converts to salary account

That’s how it’s becomes 800 Jewels. For some users its 200j on first DC transaction and 500j on conversion to salary account - 700j. For some users its 100j on first DC transaction, and a percentage of friends salary upto 2000j on conversion to salary account - that’s how it’s 2100 jewels.

That’s why the PN mentions the range of 700j to 2100j.

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