Does Jupiter have fast payments?

I came across Fi before Jupiter and am waiting on when Jupiter will start onboarding of existing customers.

Issues that I face on Fi are:

  1. Slow UPI Payments and Bank Transfers.
    [It takes ~5s for a payment/transfer]

  2. Customer Support not good as I expected better.

But I guess, they are in initial stages and might get better.

Things that I like before onboarding Jupiter so far:

  1. This community support and that one can track development/updates.

  2. Offers look good from outside.

My question to the active members and team,
how does Jupiter stand on all these points?

I would love to know about it.


No doubt the Jupiter team including the CEO @Jiten is active in this community and they also give you updates of their future releases in this community before making it public.

And about the customer support I can only say they are better than Fi customer support and most of the time a representative assigned immediately to resolve your query in the chat support section of the Jupiter app.

As part of Jupiter UPI, it does take the same amount of time as any other UPI channel.
But the UPI in Bullet which is a UPI based credit app from the developer of Jupiter is far better and faster than any UPI service providers currently present.



Yea support does look good.
And I have heard seen bullet, but that is a different thing

I am just thinking if money transfers will be fast.
And if the slowness is because of bank or the platfrom.

I hope it is good.