CRED like iOS widget for scan to pay

I think I have tried all the ways to add something ( icon, shortcut, or a widget) such that I can click on it to pay without opening the app. I have not found one. CRED has a nice widget to scan and pay and I have to use CRED for UPI payments even from my Jupiter account. Kindly add some way to make single click payments from Home Screen.

Jupiter already have one for Android. Not sure of ios

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Hai @Mahaditya_Kaushik Welcome to the community.
There is already a Jupiter Scan & Pay Widget for Android.
You can enable it by long pressing the app and selecting the QR scan icon.
Unfortunately, there is no widgets for iOS.

I can’t do it. Can you tell me how to do that?? When I long press app it has many options like scan pay, passbook, uninstall etc but no scan and pay only widget like shown in image.

Just press and hold that scan and pay option and drag it to some empty space on the screen. You will get the widget.

For the one shown in the picture, press and hold for some time on any home page or any other screen and select widgets. (Just like we change the wallpaper)

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Not working in my phone.

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Did you got the widgets option?
What model of phone is that?

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Not get widget option. I have redmi note 7 pro.

What version of jupiter are you on? :thinking:

Have you tried long pressing homescreen then widgets like @razack pointed?


Please check this site and try as mentioned it there to add widget.
Check for Jupiter under widgets.

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Thanks :+1: it is working but widget size is so big. But it’s okay.

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Yes, @ShamelessAkas
That widget is really large compared to other scan and pay widgets.
For the normal Scan and Pay widget, you need to press and hold the app and drag the Scan and Pay option. Donno why its not working for you.

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Thanks it’s okay. Now atleast if I am an emergency than I can pay through it.

@ShamelessAkas bro,
Jupiter Shortcut
Please view this Gif and give a try again.
Hope this one helps.

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Maybe it’s a advance feature for latest Android phone. It is not working for me. Thanks again for sharing this.

@razack how can I request for this feature in iOS?

Hey @Mahaditya_Kaushik, many users have already requested that feature here in the community. Unfortunately, it’s still not available for iOS. Let’s hope the team will develop widgets for iOS soon.