Confused on Term Life

I went through some term life posts on the community, but they are either quite old or do not serve the purpose.

Anyone [I am sure almost 1/3rd of the community] would have some experience buying term life insurance, or they would have done their research at some point. Please keep the suggestions flowing.

I don’t think many us have indulged in term insurance. At least I have not.

Ditto could be one of the place to start with

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@kingzeusvj I have a HDFC Term Life Insurance. I took it in 2020. While the onboarding experience through PolicyBazaar and the HDFC underwriting was good and smooth, there is no way of knowing if they will settle once I am gone.

Recently I took a Term Insurance for my Wife. PolicyBazaar suggested Max Bupa this time around.

There are some riders like handicap rider, but it varies from one incurance company to another.

I had a good experience with PolicyBazaar. You can try that. Or Ditto has been making a lot of buzz. So you can try that as well as @yagnesh01 suggested.


Honestly I like Ditto because they are not pushy about anything. One appointment, discussion is done and post that no pushy phone calls, no reminder emails. Nothing. You want to pursue their proposal, you reach out to their consultant


this is a very informative video by LLA on term insurance, you can check it out


PolicyBazaar is pushy. I can attest to that. You will get 5 calls in a day if you just visit their website. :face_exhaling:


True that. Post death experience :angel:

I’ve purchased term life insurance from ICICI. It was by visiting their portal. I bought it around 2016. At that time due to my age the premium was on the higher side.

The premiums are decided based on your age, smoking status and any illness.

What is covered?
Death; identification of critical illness; death by suicide only after 4th year;

To be aware:

  1. Disclosures of smoking status or any illness. This helps in claims.

As for the question whether they settle claim after death, “I don’t know”. Having said that I’ve seen 2 cases where they had settled after death. Another 1 case where they didn’t settle due to their own reasons. Not all the insurances were purchased from ICICI though.


I initially experimented with Ditto, but upon discovering, I noticed some significant distinctions. In contrast to Ditto advisors,’s experts possess extensive experience in the field, and the person I interacted with had years of experience. Both platforms are spam-free, which is reassuring. However, Ditto advisors seemed more inclined to promote the three policies they are tied to due to their limited partnerships, portraying them as their top picks. In contrast,’s experts offer a more comprehensive approach by evaluating and recommending plans based on a wider range of options. It’s worth noting that in both cases, we can consult with these experts if we have any doubts or need a better understanding of the policies.


You can turn on their DND. I haven’t received any calls after that.

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@gabey14 Thanks for this… :+1:

Though I am aware of, I haven’t used their services. I’ll use it in the near future.

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After using both, I can say that they both suggest three plans [in my case, all three plans were the same] with different priority preferences.

The premium variation was also +/- 0.5%.


@kingzeusvj if you don’t mind, can you please tell us what are the policies suggested…


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