Community like bug

it’s very easy to like on every post on a single topic and enhance score to get a leading position in the leader board. i have found a java script bug in the community i could have exploited it but i am just reporting this. if one $('[class="btn-toggle-reaction-like btn-icon no-text reaction-button"]').click(); executes this in the browser console one can just rain likes on a specified topic in this community. this is of no issue normally but as giving likes gives points towards the community leader board. solving this issue can actually stop future bots in the community a normal cool down thing is enough to resolve this issue i guess.


update: while testing my rank got promoted form 9 th to 4th within seconds

You should have gone to first🤪. From my point of view it doesn’t matter whether u are first or last in leaderboard. Everyone will be promoted in couple of months if they are contributing.


Exactly, Niranjan’s right.
We have to pass the mantle on.

We do not have bots (as users) in the community yet. Not that I’m aware of.
The only bot I can think of is @Spaceman :thinking:
Crawlers may be another thing.

But good find! :blob_sweat:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @spaceman display help.

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there is actually a cooldown feature in community


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