Change in mutual fund SIP amount

What happens to my current profit if I upgrade my mutual fund amount??

@Shamith_Kulal Your investments, including the profit, will stay invested and it will continue to grow if your mutual fund grows. And the additional investments will lead to more profits if the mutual fund NAV goes up. However, the absolute returns percentage will change once you invest more.

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Hi @Jitender_Singh , Thanks for reaching out!, Iā€™m new to mutual fund SIP investments. To keep it simple, when I invest in the same company as new, Im starting a fresh investment with them. But if I upgrading within my current mutual fund company, it means Im putting more money into existing investment.So I want to know investing as new and upgrading the current mutual fund will make a difference?

@Shamith_Kulal No, it does not make any difference if you are investing more in the same mutual fund.
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