SIP amount increase

How can increase sip amount on existing fund with cancelling it …is there any option help me

Use the modify SIP option. There you will get the option to update the SIP amount along with changing the frequency if the fund house allows.

YES, but when i’m changing amount it shows that cancelling current sip and starting new sip with same funds which i dont want i need to increase only amount without cancelling it

Your folio number will remain the same. That does not change. From a tracking perspective, the SIP with old value gets cancelled and new SIP gets created.

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Ok thank you

Hi… I m using Jupiter app I want to modify my SIP amount but I m not able to modify the amount i didnt get any option for modifying the amount

@AKANKSHA_SINGH In the My SIPs section, click on on the SIP you want to modify. On the landing page, you should see Modify SIP button.

If you still do not see that option, then suggest you take screenshot of the SIP page share with in app chat or via email

Sorry I m unable to take is not allowing to me take the screenshot… but I sent a mail as you suggested in above conversation