Bug in Pro Status

Current NRV as on 21 Apr is ₹33,118

But PRO Status showing valid till 3 Apr

@Satyajit_Singh checking this

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@Satyajit_Singh Can you have a look again, please? Let us know if it still persists :blob_thanks:

It’s still showing as pro valid till 3rd April

@Satyajit_Singh Can you take a snap of the PRO tab and share it with me or @Ritik_Roy ? We would like to see how it appears for you.

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Still showing the same

Hi @Satyajit_Singh We have identified the issue, will inform you once it is fixed. Please don’t worry regarding your PRO validity as if you have maintained NRV, you will be upgraded

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Now it is fixed with new Jupiter 2.0 update.

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