NRV showing 0

I am a PRO user, but NRV is showing ‘0’

Due to this, the reward is showing 0/250 jewels, but actually, i have earned 250 for this month


Same here :blob_worried: (though I’m not Pro)

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Looks like for everyone :frowning:

Seems like some update is going on,
It shows the NRV correctly sometimes, sometimes 0.

We are getting this checked. Will keep the group posted.

Hey folks, thanks for highlighting this. Could you let us know which app version you’re on? We are inspecting the issue here, will keep you all updated.

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Hi folks, can you please try refreshing and check the NRV on PRO Tab? It should be working now.


YES, it seems fine for now

Perfect, thanks for confirming @Satyajit_Singh :blob_thanks:

@BeingIncog @Abhishek_Ulayil @specter @saurabh.s wbu?

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Working fine

Still zero, but not pro… But worked in April.

It’s updated now


Hey @BeingIncog did you keep any balance in your Jupiter account in May? We see that there hasn’t been any balance, hence your NRV is reflecting as 0.


Then it is fine I guess… :sweat_smile:

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