Better ways to redeem rewards?


At Jupiter, we have been thinking on how do we make the redemption process of the rewards better and more rewarding. :slight_smile:

Would be big help if the super helpful community members can fill this just 4 questions form to help us decide on what new can be done in rewards redemption.

Your opinion matters - so please do take 2 mins to give your suggestions.


Have filled the form. Redeeming points against physical products is what I used to do with my credit card points. Since covid, banks have removed physical products and their websites show the same message that physical products will be back once courier services are back on track.

All of them are now only offering vouchers, vouchers are far from interesting. It would be great if you can add physical products for redemption. Perhaps you can also offer airmiles conversion on Vistara.

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I have filled the form.
I feel I would invest my jewels in MF instead of Digital gold for sure.

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Mee to filled the form.

But I will suggest to give gift card/voucher this is the best thing but all depends on Jupiter.

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filled the form
feel that the key questions here should have been multiple choice enabled
gift vouchers, mf investment, utility bill points are all good options for me depending on different factors like ease of redeeming, flexibility etc


There should definitely be an option to donate to a charity. i would choose that every time.

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