Become better at investing (a mega thread of Tweets by experts)

We all want to become better at investments and here a small thread that can enable us to learn from the best. Feel free to post tweets that you feel helped you to become better at investing.

Nothing in life comes easy, let alone money

A detailed thread on how Puru picks stocks (he is not a financial advisor but makes his own portfolio and shares it with the public and has skin in the game). He also shares when does he sell, how does he tackle volatility, which is more important to learn than buying.

Vivek summarizing Buffett’s rules, couldn’t get better!

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A rather long read about what could one expect from markets and the economy this year!

Are there are 2021 outlooks for markets that you’ve found most interesting and generally wait year on year to read?

It’s based on the book “What Has Government Done To Our Money”
Very well explained fundamental concepts

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Writer at motley fool, Brian breaks it down about how to review Quarterly earnings for public Equity. Would be great if someone can share an Indian parallel with sources for the same!

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