AMA with Kalyani

To your 1st question:
Building a banking experience that works for users who have been positively impacted or had a great experience with products like Uber and Zomato. The simplicity and experience these products brought to their sectors is what we strive to bring to the banking space. We want to be a part of the big moments in our users’ lives. Whether it’s when they get their first job or buy their first car, we want to be able to guide them with the financial decisions involved in these life experiences. Our strategy is focused on users’ day-to-day interactions with money and to empower them to utilize every dollar successfully.

To your 4th question:
No, this battle can’t be won solely through cashbacks

The word “co-created” is what caught my attention at the first place to further find out what this bank is about. I think it’s cool because new generation banks are going to be mostly digital, branch-less thereby losing the human touch and co-creation does gives a sense of emotional-human touch.
I wonder how will it evolve over time, once created and what percentage of the users would be able to relate to it - not all are enthusiastic to contribute. Just a thought, may be you need to put a sandbox feature for the users to confirm with your very motto of co-creation.

And it’s for people who are looking to make better financial decisions.”- almost all the banks in India, small or big, have a reputation of mis-selling. This trust deficit might be an opportunity.