All cards in one card and one app

Hi everyone,

Problem statement

Currently, I have around 2-3 credit cards and 1-2 debit cards which I generally used for my all expenditures but I can’t track my all expenses in one place. I have to check all the cards statement individually to track my expenses, which is not that easy to use.

there is one more problem I carry these all cards in my wallet and if any chance I lost my wallet I have to block and re-apply for all the cards again.

Expected Solution

If there is an app that gives us a card which is work as a single card for all the debit and credit cards. From the app, we will be able to add debit/credit cards and switch cards to use. It will help to track all the transactions in one place and if we lost the card there is only one card which we have to block and re-apply.

Internationally there is one company which is already doing this ( is there a possibility to do the same in the Indian market?


• Credit Card

I might suggest you to go ahead with cred app cause you can store all of your card in cred app and if you’re phone has nfc available then you can make payment from nfc through phone and you don’t have to carry card :credit_card:

• Debit Card

For normal debit card as well as credit card you can store you card in Google pay and can make payment buy scanning upi barcode from your phone if you don’t have nfc in you phone and also I’ve heard some rumour that apple will make apple wallets to store card soon available in India

I would highly suggest you to go with something in which you would know that you’re privacy would not harme

In IOS both options are not available yet, NFC is not there and Google pay also not giving any option to add a debit/credit card

Hey iPhone have nfc you don’t know how to use it basically every iPhone from iphone,6 has nfc in build and for Google pay you can add card from payment method there will be an option called add card from there you can add your visa or mastercard debit or credit card i think rupay issued card aren’t able to store right now in google pay

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NFC for payments is not available if you see please share the reference links also in google pay there is no option to add debit or credit cards to IOS


iPhone has NFC hardware which works well within the walled garden of Apple but there is no option to add the card to the apple wallet in India

In Google pay add card options feature is currently available for Android devices only

there is an app called kashware
they claim to do exactly what you’re asking for
although, I myself have not tried it and prefer to keep my cards distinct


@Shawnpinto How can i add my jupiter debit card in apple wallet?

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For Credit Card payments, there is a new kid on the block - Cheq.

I know there are plenty app for credit card but cred is more trusted in all of them

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Agree. Have been using since 2019. Having said, i open to experimenting and testing.

I am not sure :blob_worried:
Folks, Is there anyone who had tried this?

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yes this is looking nice but for now, their waitlist is closed, let’s see when will be able to see it again, Thanks for mentioning it here :slight_smile:

yes but the CRED primary use case is only for paying credit card bills. looking for a solution which does more than that. @Krishnendu_Chowdhury mentioned which is looking good for now :credit_card:

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