7 coffees later! ☕

This sounds like a fun story right out of a cafe right? It is!

Venkat :older_adult: our Chief Risk Officer met 7 of our community co-creators

sharing a coffee and discussing his outlook on the future of banking! :bank:


Still don’t understand what a CRO does? go ask him :question: here, we’ll surely pass on the message :email:and get back :relieved:

What happened in here? Looks interesting. Can you please share some insights?

Is there another event happening? Normally, we don’t get to talk to a bank’s leadership :thinking:

@paisa_paisa Keep a lookout at this space for more such events, where you could participate. Hope you are indoors for now! :mask:

@rinkyjain We will be sharing Insights shortly, till then check out our first

Blog here