₹250 Amazon Voucher for 10k spend via Edge Credit Card

Hey everyone

Hope you all doing great :smiley:. I noticed this card recently showing a reward for spending 10k via Edge Credit Card :scream:. But unfortunately I already paid my university course fee through a different credit card :weary::sob: so I lost this opportunity to earn it.

How many of you are excited for this quest? :no_mouth: I’ll try to use this credit card for all my expenses so I can be eligible though the chances are rare…

Is that 250 Rs voucher offer you are talking the part of the Edge card’s welcome offer? :thinking:
There’s a choice of four vouchers worth 250 Rs each after the first QR transaction using the Rupay Edge card and a user can choose any one.

It’s different. In this we have to spend 10k from edge credit card. (Valid till 14th march 2024)

@razack This offer is for the Edge Visa Card.

@DEvilAnimeGuy I am trying to avail this offer. But with Jupiter we need to be careful with the terms and conditions. Usually not all expenses are counted for the offer.


:cry: I thought this offer is valid for RuPay as well… :weary: All 3k spend via this card goes vain :pensive:

(after reading offer again)

But :no_mouth: the offer banner clearly says it’s for Edge RuPay Credit Card…

If the banner says RuPay, the offer should be available for Rupay card as well. Keep spending and you should get the Amazon voucher.