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In my opinion, be it good or bad, a decision is made by the board. It wouldn’t look good for the board to reverse it.

But I think Microsoft may be able to pull it off though.

“Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, a major OpenAI partner, was reportedly “furious” to learn of Altman’s departure “minutes” after it happened, and has been in touch with Altman — and pledged to support him — as OpenAI backers recruit Microsoft’s aid in exerting pressure on the board to reverse course. Meanwhile, some key venture capital backers of OpenAI are said to be contemplating a lawsuit against the board; none, including Khosla Ventures and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, a former OpenAI board member, were given advance notice of the decision to fire Altman.”

I believe the current board would be replaced.

  1. Greg has also resigned 2) Satya leading the negotiations 3) Andrej stated, “Board had a chance to explain…and they didn’t” ----> indicating a) a breakdown in communication between the board and key employees and b) they may be leaving. 4) Sama was at HQ with a guest pass.

All in all too interesting to miss


Also read the tweet again of sama “i love you all” = “ilya”; and now read the words below “ilya”…

Guess, the current board has stuck to its guns -

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This is crazy! Inspite of so much pressure they are sticking to their decisions, this can go south real quick!

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It’s payback time

Now OpenAi will become huge poaching ground. It’s going on that Musk will pick up Ilya for xAI.

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The men have done quite a right things to earn this support from their team.

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Both kiwi & Scapia fundraisers mention addition of new banking partners.

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There are charges?

Next year onwards revenue & profit will definitely increase because of credit card and loan services

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Over 3 million new SIP’s, industry wide, in November 2023 where almost half of the SIP’s were through Fintechs.