Show off your highest accrued UPI Cashback 🎉

Hey folks! Let’s celebrate those UPI cashback wins together! Share the highest accrued cashback you’ve earned from any UPI app.

If you have any secret tips, Share it too. :moneybag::sparkles:

BTW which app do you think will win this game?

  • Amazon Pay
  • Bhim
  • Cred
  • Fi
  • Gpay
  • Jupiter
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Tata Neu
  • Others
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For me these apps gave me most cashback on upi

Jupiter money
Screenshot from 2024-02-08 15-05-30

Amazon Pay


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Here’s mine -

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Here are mine

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Which is the last app :thinking: Tata neu ?

Paytm pro max membership special invite

Tata Neu - The super app from the Tatas. They don’t show the history of coins earned. The reward points earned by using the Neu Card as well as shopping on Tata Neu app earns reward points. The best part is the conversion is 1:1

I tried it few months ago but didn’t like the UI. I think it’s time to look into it again

I think GPay would win for max one transaction cashback!
Of Course when they used to give cashbacks!

I was however surprised today to see BHIM is also giving cashbakcs :scream:

@Pratyushh even I was caught off guard when I saw those banners on the Bhim app.

Yeah, I think it is valid till 31st March.
Good to get these cashbacks before they come up with useless upto and junglee rummy coupons :poop:

I remember during the initial days of GPay, they used to give a lot of cashbacks. Nowadays they mostly give wierd coupons :neutral_face:

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Yeah, Some of my friends got over 1k for one transaction

Beware: BHIM is doing BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME too! :joy::joy::joy:

I was so naive to think they won’t :unamused:

Cashback on bhim?

Check this -



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And those coupons/offers are just promotions. Those discounts are already available in most of the sites/apps but they are presented as we got special coupons from which we get good discount.

& 60,000 :jewel: in Jupiter




Slice (Began using just 2-3 months ago.)

Amazon Pay

Jupiter :jupiter:: 2036 :jewel: