Quest for Metal- Getting Error

Got an email on Quest for Metal.

On clicking “Start Quest” button in e-mail, redirected to Jupiter app. But, an error as something snapped is displayed.

I am using latest version of app.

Also, please mention in your e-mails to update app when marketing about new features/contests like these.


Hey @hemanthchandra62 Yes, we need to add that.

We’ve sent this mail to those users who have the latest version of the app.
Can you check if the button works now?

Its working now.

Was the app updated before or after clicking on the button? :thinking:

I clicked the button. It didn’t work.

Then, I updated the app. Then I clicked the button. It didn’t work. I tried this multiple times. It didn’t work. Then, I reported it here yesterday.

Now, I tried again after your message and it opened.

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Hmm, we did notice that the quest wasn’t opening for a few users yesterday. This was probably the case.

Glad to know that you can see it now.