Not able to add non-digit account numbers as Beneficiary

Not able to add beneficiary with non-digit bank account numbers and also with less than 9-digit account numbers.

BSE Star MF has bank accounts with HDFC Bank (Account No: MFDICC, IFSC: HDFC0000240) and ICICI Bank (Account No: 3922, IFSC: ICIC0000104). These are used for mutual fund transactions. I am not able to add these accounts as beneficiary. Jupiter says these are invalid account numbers.

Should be allowed. Bank Account numbers can be non-digits and less than 9 digits. I am blocked because of this. Not able to use my money for my mutual fund investments.

Hey @Manju_Devi Thanks for letting us know!
Jupiter does allow alphanumeric account numbers to be added but it seems that it didn’t work out for you.
Let’s get this checked. I’d need a few details, connecting with you on direct messages :slight_smile:

Hey @Manju_Devi

We’ve identified the issue! This will be fixed from the next app release - v1.5.31
Goodjob on finding the bug! The rewards are on the way :gift:

Do test this again when the new app release comes out and let us know!



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