NCMC Prepaid cards

Trying to get an NCMC enabled prepaid card. It should not be linked with the main account but maintained seprately like a wallet card.

NCMC is the future of mobility.


@Irwarrier bruh did you got any?

You can easily get one from Paytm for Rs 250

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Apart from @Dev7 mentioned PayTM’s card,

If you are a Canara bank customer, you can request for anyone of these

For SBI, this card can be used as NCMC card

Recently SBI introduced Nation First NCMC card too (it’s yet to be launched for customers)

At present, all major banks are offering NCMC prepaid cards :v:t2:

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Just a thought, do we really need NCMC cards? Like I just see the utility of NCMC in availing transport services coz it would be hassle free. For online, offline shopping anyone would use credit or debit card for rewards. Plus managing so many cards is also time consuming. What are your thoughts :thinking:

I am not in favor of having separate NCMC cards. However, what we are seeing now is truly impressive—a single card that serves multiple purposes, combining prepaid and debit functionalities.

Earlier this year, when I visited Ernakulum, I bought a Kochi1 Metro card there thinking of using its remaining balance for online shopping. It was only later that I came to know that the card had two different balances, with one used for transportation purposes only. :joy: I think around 250 Rs is still stuck there :grin:

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With more than 1 metro finally running in Mumbai, my wife uses a card issued by SBI. The card can be used on both the lines. And if one is willing to get full KYC done by visiting a branch, then it opens to use for other purposes like online payment etc.

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Any idea what’s the validity of the card if we don’t do the kyc. Also I checked about the kyc at my nearest SBI branch they said they have no clue about it so don’t really know how to go about the kyc, any idea?

I believe the validity is one year. When the card was issued in May, I remember reading that the KUC can be completed by visiting the nearest SBI branch. The latest update from you makes things interesting in terms what happens after a year.

Now you have to use Metro just to utilise the balance :joy:

We can use any Canara Bank Rupay Debit Card as ncmc


Yeah i ended up getting the Mumbai 1 NCMC. Not all that user friendly on the interface section but for me it useful. I am a daily rider of the Mumbai Metro (both lines) and BEST. works on all 3 modes seamlessly

yeah Kochi one is a closed loop system, i gather… unlike the other cards you cannot use Kochi one in another metro city its not truly NCMC. same goes for online shopping.

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The NCMC RuPay card was not recently launched. I remember that I have been holding a PNB NCMC card since 2021-2022. Here’s the card design

images (1) - 2023-10-02T185144.782

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