Micro-copy meme contest!

Shawn I missed it. Is there a link where I can watch the session? Thanks

I am out of my creativity… Nothing new is coming up :eyes:

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Not bad! This is pretty good @Aswin_Benny

Your given image did not come to my phone. So, I could not write the text. If you want to open my account and just one chance to open so, I try it.

U could click on the image and long press to download or use the download button

Here you go! @cric_freak
-#3 Chai Pe Charcha! | Writing micro-copy with Kedar Nimkar - #8 by Shawnpinto

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Title: You are rich now, it’s time to get wealthier
Supporting text: I am not even kidding
Optional text: It’s time to have a Chai with Ambani
CTA: Let’s start saving for Chai

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Good one! @anjankumarmj :blobsmart:

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@Debosmit_Majumder This is amazing :pika_lol:

How’s This one ? :frog:

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@Roshan It’s so colourful! :cool_doge:
Love the last space fire CTA, lol.

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@Shawnpinto Here is my entry to this contest… :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Best part is Lunch time hai , baad me aana :joy: SBI , isn’t it? Good Meme .
Reset are the decently Best

@razack Classic SBI reference :pika_lol:
Good one, lol.

hope you noticed the time in that pic :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_peeking_eye:


Title: naya account banwana h
Supporting desription: counter 2 pr jaiye
Supporting text: counter 2 is closed
CTA: take me to jupiter

Wow :joy: detailing

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Nice :+1:
@Pranjal_Jain bro , You are 2 hours and 03 minutes late .