Investing in unlisted shares

Why is there no good platform in India for unlisted shares as against some developed markets? Anybody with a view on it.

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There are quite a few. Many funds like blume and Kae have AIF

How does this work ? @Jiten - can’t find any information on the website. What’s the min. Ticket size for entry ?

AIF ticket size is minimum 1cr. Since mainly HNI invest, it is not rolled out to public but sold privately through wealth managers

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Totally makes sense.

@Jiten Thanks for replying.

I am more interested in understanding the reason for not having something similar for smaller ticket size. There are several dealers who are selling shares of HDB financial, paytm etc but the process of buying/selling through them is very archaic.

Why is that there is no tech platform for it ? Is there any legal restriction on doing it as my sense is market is going to be big in future.

Regulatory AIF has minimum limits. I think what you are asking is platform to trade unlisted shares. I know someone is building the same but it requires SEBI approval which is underway

Yes, platform for unlisted shares. @Jiten Sir, I sent a direct message to you. Please have a look.