🎁 Introducing Gift Cards on Jupiter: Gifts for them, Cashback for you

Yes i can’t still see it

We found out that some of you couldn’t see the feature.

So we made this live for a few folks in the community during pre-release. Since more people have joined the community later on, we couldn’t add more.

Instead, we’ll just make this feature live for you on a request basis.

@niranjan_kumar We’ll make this live for you soon.
@Yash_Gothwal I’ll be reaching out to you via DM so that you can access this feature too.

This will be released to almost everyone in the coming days.
How does that sound? :slight_smile:


make it live for me too please

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Still its not available. Its been more than 10 days you said SOON

@niranjan_kumar Apologies friend.
This was slightly delayed. All users will see this feature with next weeks app release :grin:

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In the Gift cards section, there are two types of Amazon gift cards. One with 2% discount and other without any discount.

It turns out that the one with 2% discount are infact Amazon Vouchers (can be used only for shopping and not for other stuff like bill payments, outside merchants who accept amazon pay etc.) and not Amazon Gift cards.

This Amazon Vouchers seems to be a new concept launched recently by Amazon and most don’t know about it.

I realized it after buying the gift card from Jupiter and after adding to Amazon when it was not added to my Amazon pay balance.

So, please clearly mention on the respective cards in the Gift Cards section in Jupiter app. Currently, there isn’t much difference between them in the Jupiter app.

@hemanthchandra62 You’re right!
Thanks for bringing it up. These 2 vouchers are different.

We will have to specify how to redeem these. We’ll work on it.

For now to clarify,

There are 2 Amazon vouchers under gift cards.

  1. Amazon 2%
    As mentioned above:
  1. Amazon Pay
    This adds to your Pay balance directly and can be used for bill payments, merchants who accept Amazon Pay, etc, or used on Amazon during checkout.