IMPS Free Transfer Limit


Any specific reason to why Free IMPS transaction limits are so low? 5 per MONTH.
I missed the option of NEFT in App.

There is no option to transfer money to a bank account number using UPI. Also, If I am not wrong NPCI has a limit on transactions/day and transaction amount.

In this case, isn’t 5 Free IMPS Transaction/MONTH too low?

Would like to hear thoughts of the team on this.


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Best payment method is selected automatically based on the transaction amount. This feature makes life easy.

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That’s on Fi using Fi Protocol, where you don’t have any restriction on How many free IMPS/NEFT/RTGS transactions you can do. ( I am excluding any set by NPCI/RBI)

Let’s say, there was a best option to be chosen from IMPS/NEFT/RTGS. And you have exhausted your Free 5 IMPS Transactions per month then how would Jupiter decide that which of the three is best? Whether one wants to continue to do a free transfer(NEFT/RTGS) or wants to spend on IMPS Transfer? (Assuming Jupiter selects the best payment method)

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Good question. Only jupiter can answer this. I will rephrase this concisely.

Whether bias is towards free transaction or fast transaction?

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Let’s wait for a reply from Jupiter.

Whether bias is towards free transaction or fast transaction?

I’ll let you know when I exhaust the Free Limit

I am also curious , please anyone from Jupiter Team please reply or take suggestion to include transfer method on app including account number based transfer with flexibility to choose Transfer Method mentioning any charges if applicable before proceeding with the Txn