Future of joint accounts?

Is Jupiter working on joint accounts or any future prospects on this?


Can you let us know, how would you be using a joint account. And we would love to know more!

Opening a joint account through Jupiter(the current process is quite manual and paper based) , then all the features Jupiter is providing on a savings account.

Yeah it would be good to open a joint account with my brother or my gf. But in what sense it would be different than a normal jupiter account ?

Some views like expenses as individuals and expenses as a couple ?

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I think @Satyendra_Tomar has a very good use case here explained:

Would a trust limit for borrowing solve for the need for Joint accounts @Advait?

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Joint Account could extend services like Joint Credit Card?!

Joint credit card accounts may allow someone with no credit or bad credit to open a credit card account in their name that they may not have been able to open otherwise. This could allow the person with no credit or bad credit a chance to build their credit history and work on improving their credit score

But what if one person decides to max out the account balance but can’t afford to make the payments, missed payments will damage both cardholders’ credit scores, I believe this is a bad idea!

@sahil-sorathiya Would love to attend an open office session on Joint Accounts if Jupiter is building anything in that domain… I and my wife use it to manage household expenses!

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Joint account should have a separate balance from main account. Like a sub account.

Both the person should access it via their own login on their own phone.

Both should receive alerts on transaction.

Either a common UPI ID or separate ID('coz attached to different number). I don’t know if NPCI allow two numbers attached to same account number for UPI (They should).

Transaction should indicate who did the transaction (color coded in statement).

Two debit cards for each account holder.