Bug in the explore jupiter section

In the explore jupiter page in the jewels section when we click get started after completing the quest (before long time ago) the app close itself suddenly

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@alan735 Are you able to produce this repeatedly?
If yes, can you help us by sharing a screen recording with me? We’ll ask the concerned team to have a look at this flow and screen.

You can share it with me on DMs.

Screen recordering is not possible. Mp4 file can’t be send. It’s in the explore jupiter banner . Where we have to collect moons by doing different tasks…

@alan735 This offer must be available to some folks. However, we’d like to see what’s happening on the user’s phone. It’ll give us more clarity.

If you’re on Android, try getting a friends device to video record your screen :pray:t3:

I have recorded the video but mp4 file can’t be shared on this site

Try uploading to Google Drive and share the link. It may work