Birthday Wishes


I was checking the community and I found that few of users Brithday is coming.

I could like to wish them in advance

7th September

9th September

12th September

17th September

Wishing You A Very :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy Birthday in advance :tada: I wish this year will gonna amazing and happy full for you guys

Stay Safe Stay Home :house_with_garden:


This is a warm gesture!
For everyone figuring where to check Birthday’s for fellow community members. It’s here: Jupiter Community

You can also check Jupiter community Anniversaries (For the day you joined the community) here: Jupiter Community


Okay, after a long time I saw you on the community.

Welcome Back Sneh :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yeah, you can go to profile section and change it.

By the way I’m using Yash image which you know he is Kannada Actor My favourite :slight_smile:

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thx dude nice way to start this month :relaxed:

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Thanks… got it and changed the picture… yeah i know him, iam from south india :relaxed:

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I love South Indian People specially their food and their acting just loved man!.

Idli or Dosa?
one of the most controversial classic questions… for me without a doubt Dosa…

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Dosa man! :wink: Many others aslo right now I don’t know their name.